Hype Initiatives’ Guide to Surviving as a Female Entrepreneur


Hype Initiatives’ Guide to Surviving as a Female Entrepreneur

July 2, 2014

Following the news that Australia ranked as the second best place in the world for female entrepreneurship, direct marketing company Hype Initiatives’ managing director, Nona B, has revealed her guide to surviving as a female entrepreneur in a primarily male dominated industry.

Recent news has revealed that Australia is the second best place in the world to be a female entrepreneur. Australia placed just behind the US but ahead of Germany, France, Mexico and the UK as countries which encourage and foster female entrepreneurship. The rankings are calculated based on three factors: the entrepreneurial environment in a country; the entrepreneurial ecosystem; and entrepreneurial aspirations. The corporate landscape in Australia is creating a really strong community of women who are starting their own businesses, mainly because they want to create work that can work around their own lives. There is currently a really exciting start-up culture in Australia providing women with access to great networks and role models. With the country’s economy in a strong place it is a great time for start-up businesses to be successful as they have strong financial support.

To encourage more females into entrepreneurship, managing director of Hype Initiative, Nona B, offers her guide to surviving in a mostly male dominated industry:

  1. Invest in your staff – They will grow as your brand grows.
  2. Remove emotion in hostile situations – You’ll make better decisions if you focus on the facts rather than emotions.
  3. Find time away from work – Find something productive to do outside of work whether that be going to the gym or taking an actual lunch break, your body will thank and reward you for it.
  4. Don’t assume anything – Regardless of past experiences with a client, ask for contracts and check the fine print.
  5. Document client liaisons – This will be of great use when chasing invoices.
  6. Don’t overburden yourself in running your business – Work to your strengths and do what you can, finding professional help for areas you are less knowledgeable in.
  7. Look at your social circle for skills – If you can, create a contract with former colleagues you trust for mutual benefit.
  8. Talk it out – Using networks to talk to a mentor or person in similar positions can be great to bounce ideas off and discuss business issues.
  9. Shop around for services – Make sure you do your research and price-check on what you need to market and maintain your business.
  10. Automate wherever possible – You can save time and never miss a beat by keeping a variety of email templates on file so you can respond to enquiries, quotes, invoices and feedback, quicker and easier. Always look for ways to automate your business.

Hype Initiative is an Australian-based outsourced sales and marketing firm. Their aim is to drive their clients’ profits, increase sales and boost brand exposure. They strive to create a unique atmosphere and produce amazing results. The firm promises a 100% return on investment, they do this by using face-to-face direct marketing techniques and representing clients better than they can represent themselves in a sales pitch. Put simply, Hype Initiatives talk, inform and educate the general public on behalf of their clients’ brands which leads to an increase in revenue.