Hype Initiatives Avoid Recession by Responding to Client and Customer Needs

Hype Initiatives customer service

Hype Initiatives Avoid Recession by Responding to Client and Customer Needs

May 7, 2014

Australian-based Hype Initiatives have managed to escape the recession and prosper during a time when many businesses have struggled. In a statement last week the firm revealed this was due to their ability to respond to customer needs and evolve with client demands.

Outsourced sales and marketing firm Hype Initiative drive profit, increase sales and boost exposure for Australian brands. Whilst many businesses collapsed during the recession, the direct marketing industry experienced an uplift as a more cost-effective and results-driven sales solutions were sought after. Hype Initiatives capitalised on this uplift by creating a customised solution for their clients through their unparalleled understanding of consumer needs and behaviour. ”The recession created a fantastic opportunity for some innovation, creativity and leadership. As a new marketing company we thought ‘let’s adapt marketing activities quickly and successfully’ in response to the change in customer behaviour,” says Nona B, the managing director of Hype Initiatives.

It is this mentality, innovation and consumer insight that has led to the firm’s success, even in more difficult times. Hype Initiatives pride themselves on how agile their marketing is and believe this is what gives them their competitive edge, setting them apart from other businesses in the direct marketing industry. “We understand the importance of being able to evolve with consumer trends and as such, work in partnership with our clients to create bespoke campaigns that deliver outstanding results. We take it upon ourselves to represent clients better than they can represent themselves in a sales pitch. This puts pressure on us as a firm, but in doing so we are confident that we are delivering the best possible results for our clients,” explains Nona B, the managing director of Hype Initiatives.

Direct marketing not only survived the recession but the industry has thrived and only shows signs of continued growth. Hype Initiatives describes their direct marketing solution as ‘the friendly face and warm hand shake to online advertising’ and attributes the firm’s success both to their personalised approach and their ability to pinpoint and respond quickly to changes in consumer trends and behaviour. Nona B, the managing director of Hype Initiatives states, “Connecting with customers face-to-face is invaluable. It allows us to get a true sense of the ever changing consumer habits, what they want or need and when, and apply these learnings to our sales techniques to achieve even greater results.”

Hype Initiatives believe expectations from today’s consumers are clear and they have evolved their marketing and sales techniques to fit their target markets’ needs.